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Interpreting the feelings of a person through a love letter

How to interpret a letter

How to interpret the writing of a love letter with Graphology

If you write a love letter “in your own hand” you can get to know many things that the person who sends it to you, you know? Let’s help you interpret your love letters … Interpret a love letter -There are 3 basic things you should notice if you want to analyse some important details about the personality and feelings of the person who writes to you.

These 3 things are: The margins: top, bottom, right and left.

The margins:  Analyse love letter. Graphology

The upper margin

You should notice if you leave a lot or little blank space.

If you leave a lot of blank space before beginning writing, it is usually a distance indicator; Maybe he does not feel safe in the relationship.

If you leave little or no blank space, it is a sense of proximity with the person you are writing to, an outgoing personality, trust with the person you are writing to. Like tarot card you must have heard about phone psychic readings this is another amazing thing to know about.

The lower margin

If you do not leave blank space and exhaust the writing until the end of the paper (in the case of a love letter with several sheets), the person who writes feels very identified with what he says in the letter, maybe he is spontaneous and sincere

If you leave a lot of white space at the end of the page (in the case of a love letter with several sheets) it may be a cooler and more rational letter, with less spontaneous, more rational feelings.

The left margin

It is useful to interpret the influence of the past on the person who writes.

Left margin absent or small. Significant influence of his past; childhood, education If the margin grows or widens as one writes, one tries to escape from the past: there is a tendency to increase delivery towards the person who is writing to him.

Large left margin. Less influence of the past, the writer feels distant from his past. If the margin narrows as he writes, there is some element of shrinking, of cowardice, shyness or introversion in himself.

Irregular left margin: may indicate emotion, hesitation, variability of character …

The right margin

It is useful to indicate the attitude towards the future.

Small or no margin: It can mean greater confidence in the future and in the relationship you want to start.

Big margin and irregular: distrust in the future, uncertainty …

Graphology love letter

The signature

The letter of the letter and the signature letter do not match: Generally, they indicate that the person offers a different image from the one he really has of himself. It can be an indicator of a lower security, desire to pretend, or an image that does not answer to the reality of oneself (the one that writes, logically).

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